Here’s a Look At Some of Jessica Alba’s Favorite Gadgets

Remember the time when standing in long queues at the bank was the only way to carry out transactions? No? Well, then how about the hours spent finishing daily chores manually? We bet there’s at least one tiresome thing for which you’re thankful you don’t have to flex your muscles anymore! 

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters | Jessica Alba happily admits being a gadget and technology enthusiast

Thanks to technology and cool gadgets, all you need to do is tip-tap on your device to complete a job. No more sweat, no more time wastage, and sometimes, no effort at all! At least that’s what celebs like Jessica Alba think. 

Recently, during a Q&A session with Architectural Digest, Alba opened up about how technology has made her life easier. She revealed some of her favorite gadgets and her must-have office items and described how she takes care of her daily work with a few taps on a few screens. Well, we certainly can take a hint or two from her list!

“I probably use three at the same time!”

When AD asked Alba if technology helped her parent her three children, she was all smiles as she gave away a big ‘Yes’. She said that technology had empowered her children to express themselves.

It helped them in explaining their ideas and imaginations with ease. The actress even gave an example of her eldest daughter, Honor Marie Warren, and said the 13-year-old is a passionate artist. She loves drawing so much that most of the time, she’s busy working on her device. 

Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images | The actress says her phone, tablet, computer, and her coffee maker are her favorite tech toys

When asked what gadgets she couldn’t live without, a confident Alba said it was her coffee maker and her phone. The 40-year-old said that phones are like limbs these days; people just can’t work without them. She further described them as an extension and a direct reflection of ourselves.

Talking about her coffee maker, the founder of The Honest Co. said that she uses Nespresso’s espresso and coffee machine. She added that she even uses a milk warmer and joked that maybe she needs to drink more water. 

Further down the line, Alba spoke about her must-have gadgets in the office. She said she requires everything from a tablet to a phone to a computer and added that sometimes she even uses all three at the same time!

Citing an example, Alba said she often uses one for reviewing a presentation while being in a live meeting on the other one and informing her hubby about the time she’ll be home with the third. Anyone else’s head spinning yet? 

And her list doesn’t end there! Alba informed AD that she’s working on her bathroom redesigning project and her Pinterest board is full of pictures of knobs, pulls, and entryways. The board is jam-packed with the tiniest of details, and the work will start soon. 

Jessica Alba Instagram | Jessica says her children too have become pros at handling the technology around the house

What’s Alba up to these days?

Currently, Alba is busy with her company’s affairs after recently launching its IPO. In May 2021, her company raised $412.8 million, slightly above the midpoint of its indicated range. It sold 25.8 million shares at $16 each, and since that, it’s been busy for the company’s employees and owners.

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