All Teens Need to Know to Land a Job This Summer

Now that summer vacation is upon us, there will be a number of teens looking for work for the summer. Due to the circumstances created by the pandemic, there are numerous job openings, and experts are suggesting that you shouldn’t spend too much time overthinking.

Teen-friendly jobs that do not require an extensive resume are especially on the rise, most of which include come from the restaurant, fast-food chain, hospitality, and leisure sectors.

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Increasing Numbers

In a recently published survey, theDrexel University’s Center for Labor Markets and Policy predicted that the employment likelihood of teens between 16 and 19 years of age would rise up to 31.5 percent.

What’s shocking is that this is the highest figure to be observed since 2008, and it is substantially higher than what was recorded in the summer of 2020, which was around 26 percent.

Slow and Steady Does Not Win the Race

There are many openings now, but you shouldn’t if you are looking for a summer job. This is mainly because now that the vaccinations are in full swing, things will start resuming and going back to normal, so there is no guarantee that these openings will stay.

Senior Vice President at the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Andy Challenger, says that the number of unemployed people is as high as ever, and they will also be looking for employment now that things are starting to look better, increasing the competition is pandemic-created jobs. However, he still suggests that teens looking for summer jobs should not hesitate to apply.

Pexels | Less taxing summer jobs should be widely available now that vaccine distribution is in full swing

Here’s How to Get That Job

There are many important but overlooked things, so teens who are applying for jobs should be cautious and careful. You’ll most likely apply online and only be called in for the interview if you are short-listed.

Once you cross that first barrier, your looks should do the talking. It’s time to set the jeans and the t-shirts – aside, at least for the first interview. You should dress appropriately in order to give the best impression.

Secondly, you’ll be contesting against experienced people for the position, so you need to cash in your skills and qualities that would make them prefer you over an experienced person, such as time flexibility, which is quite important as companies usually have a hard time finding someone to hire for those odd shifts.

Pexels | Even if you have a virtual interview, remember that first impressions matter

Lastly, be prepared and ready. Nothing is going to make you shine more than your confidence and self-assurance.

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